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  1. A new song with Mel on guitar and me on everything else written when I was 16. I found a load of old songs in a draw…

  2. My new etsy shop selling my art work, please have a look!!

  3. cuddlesandrage:

Eat Your Crust


    Eat Your Crust

  4. alternativebarnsley:

    University Campus Barnsley held their Interdisciplinary Art & Design Degree show at The Civic for the first time this week. Titled 28°, the exhibition showcases students work in various disciplines, including painting, sculpture, illustration, printmaking, ceramics and…

  5. I have finally finished my EP, recorded in my bed room the theme of the sea runs strongly as does my experiences and observations of people.

  6. I worked out what garage band does at last…

  7. My new sounds zaphod sounds.

  8. And another song, 2 more to reccord…

  9. And now a song about coat hangers, just what everyone needs!!

  10. Toddler Based Drugs…